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PI: Dr Clint Sharrad
The MSNTL aims to provide a molten salt R&D capability for studying fluoride salts in nuclear systems within the UK for the first time:
  • Enabling the UK’s expertise in chloride salts from pyroprocessing research to alternative salt systems in order to explore expanding research areas such as Molten Salt Reactor technologies.
  • Providing an interdisciplinary hub for molten salts research with radioactive materials. 
Image of Dalton Cumbrian Facility

Dalton Cumbrian Facility

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Np(IV) in molten LiCl-KCl eutectic

Np(IV) in molten LiCl-KCl eutectic

Image courtesy of Hugues Lambert and Clint Sharrad
– University of Manchester

Equipment to include

  • Numerous materials corrosion test rigs
  • Gravity-fed molten salts flow loop
  • Molten salts irradiation test rig
  • High temperature column for dynamic ion exchange studies with molten salts
  • Bespoke gloveboxes and supporting infrastructure for handling molten salts with radioactive material
  • Supporting furnaces of various types
  • TGA/DSC coupled with GC-MS
  • High temperature rheometers
  • Potentiostats
  • Various existing spectroscopic and electrochemical kit

Network of locations


Dr Clint Sharrad, The University of Manchester,



The MSNTL is open for research with several furnaces and instruments, such as a TGA/DSC and potentiostats, commissioned and immediately available for use. The MSNTL is currently capable of preparing and handling small quantities of fluoride salts without implementing extensive purification procedures. Studies of chlorides and other non-fluoride salt systems are still readily available in the MSNTL. Further instruments and experimental rigs are expected to become available in the coming months.

We also recommend exploring available facilities at the Pyrochemical Research Laboratory, and the teams at both the MSNTL and PRL will work together to provide the best avenues to deliver your research needs. In the first instance please do reach out to the MSNTL team to discuss any requirements.



NNUF funded user access scheme for MSNTL

As a first step, please email to contact MSNTL for a discussion about the practical feasibility of your proposed research project. Then, you will need to complete a simple NNUF application form. When doing so, please upload an email exchange between you and a member of staff at MSNTL, confirming the feasibility of your proposed research. Please see the access page of this website for more detail about the NNUF funded user access scheme.

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