The National Nuclear User Facility (NNUF) project is a Government investment in the UK’s nuclear future, providing state-of-the-art experimental facilities for research and development in nuclear science and technology. NNUF was established to support the Government Nuclear Industrial Strategy launched in March 2013 and has been successfully running for several years, with facilities in the University of Manchester Dalton Cumbrian Facility, the Culham Materials Research Facility and the National Nuclear Laboratory available for external access to undertake work on nuclear materials.

As an exciting new development, the UK Government awarded in 2019 a further £80m to enhance national facilities for the study of radioactive materials; this is known as Phase 2 of the National Nuclear User Facility project. NNUF(2) will run until April 2023, and supports 20 individual projects in UK universities and national laboratories, including a neutron source at Birmingham University, investment in facilities for nuclear robotics at Bristol, Manchester and UKAEA, and a new active Atom Probe Tomography facility in Oxford.

The £80m award also includes £6.5m to allow any UK-based university researcher to apply to use these new facilities as they come online. The facilities will be free at the point of access, and application rounds will be run quarterly. The first access application round is now open.

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