NNUF Management Group

The role of the NNUF Management Group, in conjunction with EPSRC, is to ensure the aims and benefits of the NNUF project are fully realised. This includes supporting and advising NNUF(2) facilities whilst equipment is being purchased and installed; managing the NNUF funded user access scheme; and reporting regularly to EPSRC/BEIS on facility development and usage.


PI of the Management Group: Prof Chris Grovenor, University of Oxford (chris.grovenor@materials.ox.ac.uk).

Co-Is of the Management Group: Prof Malcolm Joyce, Lancaster University (m.joyce@lancaster.ac.uk) and Prof Francis Livens, University of Manchester (Francis.livens@manchester.ac.uk).

NNUF Project Managers / Administrators: Dr Julia Ramírez González, University of Oxford (julia.ramirezgonzalez@materials.ox.ac.uk) and Mary English, Lancaster University (m.english@lancaster.ac.uk).